Coming Soon! The War of Wind and Moon, by Darcy Conroy.

The War of Wind and Moon is a contemporary fantasy serial by Darcy Conroy. Season One will begin Thursday, March 31st 2016 with new chapters, in text and podcast, posted on this blog, Wattpad and Soundcloud weekly. To be notified of new chapters you can follow the story via this blog or the links to your favourite platform above, and/or sign up here to join Darcy’s readers list and receive updates and extra insights in emails direct to you.

The War of Wind and Moon
Seventeen-year-old Mia trusts no-one. She wants to – she’d give almost anything to be able to – but when your survival depends on the acute awareness of every whim and mood swing of your narcissistic, rage-filled mother, anxiety becomes a default state. Mia has become expert at reading body language, facial expressions, vocal fluctuations – permanently prepared to fight, flee or freeze at the slightest hint of anger, aggression or even just disapproval from anyone. She’s learned it’s easier to be alone.

But Mia’s not alone. When the people children are supposed to be safest with abuse them, it’s common to develop this hyper-aware state. Doctors have a word for it: hyper-vigilance.
The recruitment scouts at Kazemoto Security (Supernatural Division) have a word for it, too: potential.